New York back in the World Series and thank God its not the Yankees!

The New York Mets advanced to their first world Series last night since 2000 and have a chance to win their First World Series crown since 1986!  I personally am thrilled to see a New York team in the World Series that ISN’T the Yankees!  It is such a breathe of fresh air to see a team earn a championship instead of buying one, like the Yankees and Redsox did for so many years!  The Mets have the 20th highest payroll in all of baseball at right around $100 million a year!  Even though that is still a high number, The Yankees salary is twice as much and then some at $214 million a year!  The Mets opponents will either be the Kansas City Royals (My pick to win it all) or the Toronto Blue Jays.  Their salaries come in at 13th( Blue Jays at $114 million) and at 15th (Royals at $110 million.)  Of the top 10 salary caps in the MLB only the Dodgers at a whopping $227 million, Yankees at $214 million and Rangers at $132 million made the playoffs!  New York was a 1 and done in the Wild Card game so taht almost doesn’t count.  I used to always hate MLB for not having a salary cap, but for at least this year, building a team is better than buying one!  That’s all for me today.




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