Why Golden State won’t win another title…

Marsha Marsha Marsha, Golden State Golden State Golden State. Maybe it’s just me but it seems like Golden State is getting way too much credit for their winning right now. I know they have a great record and they won the championship last year, but there have been plenty of teams who have peaked for a moment looking like a legitimate contender and then fallen back into the ‘good’ category after reality sits in. So here’s my theory.

Just like there are years when a conference, division or even sport can be incredibly competitive, there are years when a conference division and even sport can be incredibly weak. This is the NBA last year.

I know the west had some good teams, but the Cavaliers were injured last year and still  got 2 games in the finals with a team that had only been together for 10 months with a new coach. The always great Spurs got knocked out early in the playoffs so Golden State didn’t have to go through them. So here is who Golden State beat. They beat decent but young and inexperienced New Orleans Pelicans team, a Memphis Grizzles team who doesn’t really have a star and a Houston Rockets team who fired their coach early this season and whose star big man is leaking rumors that he wants out.

To me looking at what Golden State has accomplished I am convinced that this run they are on is going to end, and soon. There are teams in history that have won championships in down years because at the time they were peaking the league they were in was weak. Do they deserve credit for being a good team? Yes. An all time team? You have to be kidding me. The 95-96 Bulls team would destroy this team in a seven game series.

I’ll be back.


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