Sunday Morning Thoughts

We have 4 teams left in the NFL playoffs and I love each team. Here’s why;

How can anyone not love a good villain? The Patriots are just that for the NFL. How much fun was it to watch Lebron when played for the hated Miami Heat. How much fun is it to watch because you want a team to lose? Of course seeing your team win is the apex of being a sports fan but watching a team you want to lose (pause) lose is just as fun. I actually like the Patriots. Tom Brady, one the most competitive people to have ever lived, and Bill Belichick, one of the most intelligent coaches ever, are striving make history with another Super Bowl ring. We are watching dominance that may never happen again. Enjoy it. I don’t think we’ll see another NFL franchise as dominant for as long.

Omaha! Omaha! This is Peyton’s final year right? Probably the most popular storyline for a team if they make the Super Bowl will be “Can Peyton go out riding on a white horse?” Of course I love Peyton and his contribution to the League for the past 17 years. Of course I would love to see him finish the right way and solidify his place in the HOF and history as one of the greatest QB’s to have ever lived. But the main reason I will be excited to see Peyton make it to the Super Bowl is because the Mannings are good for sports. Eli, Archie and Peyton are fantastic for sports. Good men, good fathers and good husbands. Having Peyton in the lime light is good for America.

BRuuuuuce! I’ll admit I have a man crush on Bruce Arians. After hearing Peter King talk about the winning play on Colin Cowherd’s show last week I fell in love even more. Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald and 63 year old Bruce Arians are so deserving of success. Carson Palmer finally has a confident coach and front office behind him. Larry Fitzgerald finally is getting consistent touches from a NFL arm and being a central part of the office. Bruce didn’t get a head coaching job until he was 60 and now is in the NFC championship. In the documentary about him we find out that he wanted to be asked to be a head coach and would not petition to get a job. All deserving for different reasons but probably my favorite team left for sure.

Finally the Panthers. How can you not love Cam’s playful and fun attitude? He loves the game. He loves the fans and he shows it. Ron Rivera who many of times was on the “hot seat” with the Panthers now has his team looking like one of the best in the NFL. You have to love their defense and how Cam las inspired this team to play on another level. Can you imagine the interviews with Cam during Super Bowl week. Talk about a highlight reel. The best thing about this Panthers team is that you know it’ll be a close game in the Super Bowl if they make it. They will not blow teams out, at least not in four quarters, but they will put up points with Cam Newton at the helm.

In 12 hours we’ll know the story lines and start to talk about them. I’m excited no matter what the outcome.


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