CFP scenarios, Kobe done, David Price and Tiger

CFP talk and Browns talk towards the end! Tiger win another major?Right time for Kobe to go? Austin Davis starting right move?

Thanksgiving Games, Manziel starting?, Ohio State talk

Thanksgiving day predictions, Manziel moved to 3rd string, Ezekiel Elliot goes off, Golden State better than Cavs?

Peyton done? CFP predictions and Stephen Curry really that good?

Peyton Manning talk, BCS ranking talk, Stephen Curry and our predictions for the Ohio State vs. Michigan State game as well as NFL prime time games.

Will Green Bay bounce back? Notre Dame the right 4th?

Greg Hardy situation, Rex Ryan & IK Enemkpali, 2nd BCS Playoff rankings, Heisman candidates, Kevin Durant’s future, Cavs have any weaknesses?

Sports games can be more interesting?

You bet, no pun intended. The last couple of weeks I have never been more interested in professional sports. Why you may ask?

FanDuel. I have been putting $2 bets on fantasy teams in NBA and NFL and loving it. I don’t play because I want to win money. I play because I love sports. It’s amazing how much more something means to you when you put $2 on it.

Try it this week? Put $2 on a bet with a friend and see if it makes a game more interesting. Obviously you never bet money you’re not willing to lose. I’ll repeat that again. NEVER bet money you can’t afford to lose.

I’m out.


Nick Saban to Indianapolis? First BCS Playoff rankings get it right?

In this podcast we discuss Aaron Rodgers let down, Clemson being number 1, Pistons legit this year? Finally some good college games this weekend. Always fantasy football talk.

What’s wrong in Buffalo? Golden Out and NBA Predictions

Is Houston really that bad? Whose the best team in the Pac 12? Is this Lebron’s year?

Extra Points better longer? Harbaugh’s fault? World Series picks

NFL has moved extra points back to 15 yard line making extra points 33 yards. Is this better? Is Michigan’s loss Harbaugh’s fault or just freak play? Whose going to win the World Series?

Is this the Bengals year? Pat Haden’s fault? Was it a dirty slide?

Great episode here we talk about the undefeated NFL teams, is this the year the Bengals make a run, Sark being fired, Michigan best team in Big Ten, Utley’s slide, the Cubs winning and of course predictions for the upcoming week. Thanks for listening!

Missed Call Monday Night, Theory on Urban and MLB Playoffs

What is illegal batting? Is Ohio State really as bad as they look? Whose in our final four for the MLB playoffs?