Baseball is finally interesting!

MLB playoffs started last night. About time! I haven’t been interested in a baseball game since April. This is what is exactly wrong with MLB. The season is not interesting enough.

My suggestions? Somehow simplify the season. Too many games are hard to follow for the in home audience. There has to be a way to lessen the games or wins and losses so that the fan can keep up. Could you make each three game series a match instead of 3 games? The winner of a 3 game series gets a win and the loser gets a loss. So instead of 80-82 a team would be 30-24. Much simpler right?

How about shortening the time between plays? Like the play clock in football there would be a time limit in between plays. Too much down time in baseball makes me disinterested.

I understand MLB is making plenty of money the way it is I am just suggesting ideas that would make me more interested in the MLB regular season.

Either way excited to be interested in baseball again.

I’m out. JB.

NFL, College Football and Predictions for the week

NFL week 3, College football week 4 and predictions for the week

Under talked about teams

Michigan is getting better fast. Jim Harbaugh is turning stuff around there quick. They manhandled BYU this past Saturday 31-0. Watch out Big Ten. I am not surprised if they get inside the top 15 this year.

Arizona Cardinals are literally demolishing NFL teams. I know there first 3 opponents were rotten, but still the NFL’s worst team can be very competitive and the Cardinals are lighting people up. Cardinal fans are praying Carson Palmer stays healthy.

I’m out.