Player skipping bowls and NFL too strict?

Jimmy and Chris talk about whether players should skip their bowls to prepare for NFL and if the NFL is too strict about celebrations. Chris gets tested at the end on his knowledge of what is a bowl and what isn’t.

Bucks lose, Ajayi the real deal, Ties and World Series Talk

Jimmy and Chris rate the bucks loss, talk about Ajayi being the real deal, ties and if they should be in the NFL. Of course they touch the live Indians Cubs game 2.

Indians to the World Series! NFC East and Dak or Romo?

Jimmy and Chris celebrate the Indians winning and talk World Series. They also discuss the Cowboys, NFC East and why are the NFL ratings down?

MLB, NCAA Football and NFL

Top 2 teams left in MLB playoffs are… Should NCAA Football have layers of teams? Which hot team will go the furthest? Brady and Patriots the best team in the NFL?

MLB Playoffs, College Football Final 4 and NFL Talk

Chris and Jimmy predict the World Series matchup. Jimmy is convinced who is going to be in the final four. Chris brings up some of the major injuries in the NFL this year. They finished talking about Odell Beckham Jr.