NBA Broken and NFL overtime needs changed

Jimmy and Chris go back and forth on a couple of topics that have been headlines in the sports world over the past week or two in sports.

Barkley’s comments and the Super Bowl!

Charles Barkley comments of Lebron’s frustrations and we comment on Barkley’s comments of Lebron’s frustrations. We also give our opinions on some Super Bowl prop bets.

Should Dallas have spiked and Chargers moved?

Chris and Jimmy talk about the Green Bay and Dallas game. Jimmy defends the Chargers move and Chris sticks up for the Chargers fans.

Alabama loses and is this the greatest sports year ever?

Chris and Jimmy talk about Alabama’s loss as a good thing for college football and discuss is this the greatest year ever in sports?

Player skipping bowls and NFL too strict?

Jimmy and Chris talk about whether players should skip their bowls to prepare for NFL and if the NFL is too strict about celebrations. Chris gets tested at the end on his knowledge of what is a bowl and what isn’t.