Nick Saban to Indianapolis? First BCS Playoff rankings get it right?

In this podcast we discuss Aaron Rodgers let down, Clemson being number 1, Pistons legit this year? Finally some good college games this weekend. Always fantasy football talk.

What’s wrong in Buffalo? Golden Out and NBA Predictions

Is Houston really that bad? Whose the best team in the Pac 12? Is this Lebron’s year?

New York back in the World Series and thank God its not the Yankees!

The New York Mets advanced to their first world Series last night since 2000 and have a chance to win their First World Series crown since 1986!  I personally am thrilled to see a New York team in the World Series that ISN’T the Yankees!  It is such a breathe of fresh air to see a team earn a championship instead of buying one, like the Yankees and Redsox did for so many years!  The Mets have the 20th highest payroll in all of baseball at right around $100 million a year!  Even though that is still a high number, The Yankees salary is twice as much and then some at $214 million a year!  The Mets opponents will either be the Kansas City Royals (My pick to win it all) or the Toronto Blue Jays.  Their salaries come in at 13th( Blue Jays at $114 million) and at 15th (Royals at $110 million.)  Of the top 10 salary caps in the MLB only the Dodgers at a whopping $227 million, Yankees at $214 million and Rangers at $132 million made the playoffs!  New York was a 1 and done in the Wild Card game so taht almost doesn’t count.  I used to always hate MLB for not having a salary cap, but for at least this year, building a team is better than buying one!  That’s all for me today.




Extra Points better longer? Harbaugh’s fault? World Series picks

NFL has moved extra points back to 15 yard line making extra points 33 yards. Is this better? Is Michigan’s loss Harbaugh’s fault or just freak play? Whose going to win the World Series?

Is this the Bengals year? Pat Haden’s fault? Was it a dirty slide?

Great episode here we talk about the undefeated NFL teams, is this the year the Bengals make a run, Sark being fired, Michigan best team in Big Ten, Utley’s slide, the Cubs winning and of course predictions for the upcoming week. Thanks for listening!

Missed Call Monday Night, Theory on Urban and MLB Playoffs

What is illegal batting? Is Ohio State really as bad as they look? Whose in our final four for the MLB playoffs?

Baseball is finally interesting!

MLB playoffs started last night. About time! I haven’t been interested in a baseball game since April. This is what is exactly wrong with MLB. The season is not interesting enough.

My suggestions? Somehow simplify the season. Too many games are hard to follow for the in home audience. There has to be a way to lessen the games or wins and losses so that the fan can keep up. Could you make each three game series a match instead of 3 games? The winner of a 3 game series gets a win and the loser gets a loss. So instead of 80-82 a team would be 30-24. Much simpler right?

How about shortening the time between plays? Like the play clock in football there would be a time limit in between plays. Too much down time in baseball makes me disinterested.

I understand MLB is making plenty of money the way it is I am just suggesting ideas that would make me more interested in the MLB regular season.

Either way excited to be interested in baseball again.

I’m out. JB.

NFL, College Football and Predictions for the week

NFL week 3, College football week 4 and predictions for the week

Under talked about teams

Michigan is getting better fast. Jim Harbaugh is turning stuff around there quick. They manhandled BYU this past Saturday 31-0. Watch out Big Ten. I am not surprised if they get inside the top 15 this year.

Arizona Cardinals are literally demolishing NFL teams. I know there first 3 opponents were rotten, but still the NFL’s worst team can be very competitive and the Cardinals are lighting people up. Cardinal fans are praying Carson Palmer stays healthy.

I’m out.